INNER Hotel Rupit and environmental sustainability


Water Efficiency

Water saving and quality

  • All taps have diffusers to save water consumption.

  • Toilets are equipped with dual flush.

  • The showers in communal areas are fitted with temporary push-buttons.

  • The water in the taps has been decalcified to improve efficiency and customer comfort.

  • Osmosis water is supplied at the points of human consumption.


Energy Efficiency

Energy saving measures

  • Use of solar energy for DHW

  • LED to all the hotel's lighting

  • Air conditioning with VRF system.

  • The exterior doors have sensors to prevent the climate system from operating if they are open.

  • Exterior walls are acoustically and thermally insulated.

  • Exterior carpentry with thermal bridge. Thermal and acoustic insulating glass. Soundproofed partition walls.


Waste management

Recycling, reusing and reducing waste

  • Waste reduction. Individual containers are avoided, e.g. in the bathrooms soap and shampoo are supplied with refillable dispensers.

  • Hire of reusable glass bottles.

  • ReutiRe-use. Efforts are made to avoid single-use products.lización. Se procura evitar productos de un solo uso

  • Recycling. Rigorous waste sorting is applied.

  • Wet wipes. Please do not use wet wipes. If you do use them, do not throw them in the toilet, use the rubbish bin.



Protection and care of bees

  • The hotel finances the care of an apiary in the area.

  • Bees are the guarantee of our survival as a species, our food depends on the pollination of these amazing animals.

  • To support the defence of bees, we don't just sign up for their defence, we have chosen to be pro-active and have sponsored our own apiary.

  • Bees are not subjected to treatments that are not accepted in organic beekeeping.


Olive grove

Planting of our own olive groves and production of our own olive oil

  • With the aim of reducing global warming, the hotel has planted an olive grove to help fix carbon and also to be able, in the coming years, to supply organic oil for the consumption of our guests.

  • The olive grove, which is three years old, is not treated in any way that is not accepted in organic farming.

  • We are confident that we will be able to supply all the olive oil to the hotel in the coming years.


Local products

Favouring local economy and km 0 products

  • We opt for Km 0 products, to reduce polluting emissions in transport.

  • We support local produce and local producers. We buy their products.

  • We offer artisan gastronomic products as opposed to industrial ones.

  • We encourage the development of the local economy.

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